Threats Versus Commitments: Which One Survives in Long Distance Relationships?

Threats Versus Commitments: Which One Survives in Long Distance Relationships?

To start off with the things, does your love stay miles away from you? That does not really make much difference as long as love dwells in the heart. However, it’s better to be enlightened about the possible tumultuous relationship that you guys might have to face. No, it does not mean that you would be necessarily facing the ups and downs in your relation, but these are some of the obvious traits of any long-distance romance.

The snags in any long-distance relationships

Love is a sweet pain. So, where love is there, pain would inevitably come along. Well, this means that fights, arguments, worries, sobs, are just part of any relationship, especially the long-distance ones. Well, that’s exactly because you would not be able sort it out now and then, in person.
The long-distance relationship survives on pure trust and understanding. You might have to stumble upon the common threats which are quite obvious in any relationship that stands oceans away. However, only strong commitment can win over it. Well, even if you endure threats, stand strong in your love. The unwavering devotion, dedication and respect towards each other will make you sail through all odds. Wondering what kind of threats could come your way?

The possible threats

  •  Malicious threats, which is fueled by dearth of trust and transparency between the couple.

  • Third party threats might mar your relationship if you guys let your loneliness take over you. If you both are committed to your love, then nothing can come in between.

  • Jealousy on either side can come into play if you or your partner suffers from insecurities or complexes.

These are the “avoidable” threats that come into picture in long distance relationships.
These threats can potentially mess up any distant relationships if left uncorrected. That’s exactly why commitment has a pivotal role to play in any relationships staying miles apart. The role of “trust” and “vows” must be realized, invigorated and actualized.

Win over threat with commitment

The commitment serves as an invisible thread connecting the lovebirds, binding them and keeping them engaged. Commitment adds zing to the relationship and keeps you passionate no matter what kind of threats come.

Realizing commitment

Well, you can say that commitment and love are incomplete without each other. On a lighter note, commitment is synonymous to love. They are like heart and soul.

Make your pledges real. When both of you are distant from each other physically, commitment, veracity and loyalty turns the promises into reality. So, if you are realizing that your love to be vulnerable to threat, roll up your sleeves and take the responsibility to mend it anyhow.

How do you survive the threats?

  • Talk to each other as much as you can, sharing the part experiences and evoking those precious moments. Recall those golden memories that have taken you all the way together.

  • Share latest photos and videos with each other.

  • Set goals together and make planning. Share your beliefs, ideas and expectations.

  • Maintain mutual respect and fidelity which is imperative to keep your relationship upbeat.

  • Be optimistic and do not be skeptical. Do not pay heed to the cynics who talk all wrong and negative things about long distance relationship.

  • Be transparent and that would take away the suspicion budding in your bond.

  • Try to surprise your partner with letters, gifts, card, flowers, etc. Well, the fruits of modern technology have already made the communication a lot easier.

So here you go with the secret mantra that would help you rise over all odds and stand a winner in your relationship. Win over the threats with a steadfast devotion and commitment towards each other and sail over the storms to continue with a passionate relationship.

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