Why not to go overboard with the emotions

Why not to go overboard with the emotions

Everyone knows this truth that too much of anything is bad, be it doing excess exercise or doing excess work. Then isn’t it obvious that too much of love can also be bad. Sometimes it is really difficult to wrap our head around the fact that a positive emotion such as love can be bad, when the sole purpose of the love stems from a desire to pamper and to keep the beloved safe. As if the concepts of love weren’t confusing enough, we have romantic movies and novels to lead us astray. Today’s most cherished couple is Edward and Bella. Girls drool over the image of Edward Cullen. He is protective, caring and is intensely in love with his beloved. Think hard on this, do you really want to be with someone who monitors your every move, leaves his every work to be with you, who stalks to make sure you are safe and who checks on you when you sleep. Now the image isn’t that romantic. Isn’t it? It is creepy!

After years of making wrong choices you finally find a guy or girl, who seems perfect to you, makes you happy and gives a reason to look forward to the next day. Everything seems rosy. Once you see that the other person is also reciprocating your feeling you smoothly enter into a relationship. Then suddenly the love or the intense admiration that helped you to land that person becomes the reason effecting the relationship, but now not in a good way. At the start of any relationship, the emotions are high. That is to be expected, still there is a limit to show your emotions and if you exceed that range you come out as looking like a fool or worse… a psycho. Going overboard with the emotions is never a good idea; it may be misinterpreted by your partner.

Too much emotion ruins a relationship. Let’s check how:

  1. It is overwhelming: They might not know how to handle your strong emotions and may feel confused. If you are one of those people who constantly wonder what their partner is up to and constantly call or text to learn about their whereabouts. Stop the habit because you may seem very obsessed and no one wants an obsessive partner.

  2. Devastates you when the same extent of emotions is not reciprocated: When you are so emotionally attached to your partner, it is obvious that you want the same amount of love in return, but when you see that it’s not happening. You lose your temper and start picking fights. This will make you feel unappreciated and taken for granted.

  3. Incapability to assess the feasibility of the relationship: Emotions cloud your judgment. You may totally ignore the fact that the person you are in a relationship with is incompatible with you and there is actually no scope for a long-term commitment.

  4. Instills insecurity: The excess emotions may in fact be the result of your insecurity or the strong emotions can create insecurity. Insecurity damages or even destroys relationships. Whenever your emotions run unchecked, you risk disturbing your emotional equilibrium, making you feel insecure. As it is well known, insecurity comes from within you, there is no external stimulus involved. This will further force your partner to sideline you, aggravating the already existing emotional distress.

  5. Hampers your life: Being so much emotionally dependent on your partner has the potential to make you vulnerable. There is a chance of getting hurt for trivial of reasons. Excess emotions or the emotional distress drains your energy and when you invest so much in a single relationship, your work and relations with your friends and family may start to suffer. As the balance within your life becomes disturbed, anxiety and frustration will start building up.

  6. Perceived as control freaks:You know you are not a control freak, the controlling attitude takes over you whenever the matter at hand concerns your partner. Getting too much emotionally attached to your partner leads you to feel left out or panicky whenever he/she is not around you. This controlling nature combined with the existing insecurity drives you to demand several crazy stuffs from your partner like demanding to call you every hour, giving them the silent treatment whenever they cross a line you have drawn or spending too much time with them so that they are unable to hang out with their friends and family. Both men and women resort to different means in order to control their partner. The controlling attitude may not seem that apparent to you, but your partner gets the constant aura out of you.

When people are in relationships, emotions are obviously necessary, or else how can one convey the love and care they feel for their beloved, but keep in mind that you don’t overdo it.

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