What to do when your man is looking at other women

What to do when your man is looking at other women

We all may have made this observation at some point or the other, concerning men we are dating or men in general, they do look at women despite being in a committed relationship or single. While men often keep repeating this act of theirs, sometimes with stealth and other times quite vehemently.

As women, we find it uncomfortable and also generate distrust and insecurity at times. It definitely isn’t a pleasant experience to be with man who’s peeking at other women around. This act there may land us in soup if you are with your man in a family gathering or a social event with your friends and acquaintance around.

Psychology behind this behavior:

Many surveys have been conducted to understand this particular habit of men. The findings of the survey have cleared things and simplified them; for instance, men look at other women simply because they are ‘other women’. It stands true in both scenarios where men are satisfied with the relationship they are in and also those who are into happy relationships however find ‘other women’ more attractive than their girlfriends. The major challenge here is that men find this habit most difficult to change.

The focus here should be on the point that it only takes a split second for a man’s attention of another woman and he will most likely forget her just a few seconds later when she has disappeared from his view.

How to deal with such situations

Observe what it is for him: The primary cause behind feeling uncomfortable for any women when their partners stare or catch a glance at other women can be insecurity and in such situations, it is pointless lose your mental peace on it. We all have faced situations where we have caught our partners mentally undressing or x-raying another women’s body and it definitely makes our blood boil; however, if we reflect on the situation in a logical manner it means nothing. You may find him ignoring for those minutes or even seconds sometimes but in reality, he would never go up to the other woman and sweep her off her feet or run away with her. Hence it literally means nothing, no harm caused.

Getting jealous is not the right thing to do: not all men stare in an obvious manner, some men are quick at peeking at an attractive woman around. At times, even you won’t catch him doing so because he is so swift with his act. Keep that aside, you should always remember to feel your self-worth, such insignificant actions should not shake the feeling worthiness within. Rage would unnecessarily upset you and an outburst in front your partner where you’ll compare yourself to the other woman will damage your self-esteem.

Let trust prevail: Always maintain your self-worth. You should remember you are unique and attractive and such occurrences shouldn’t make you question about self or the trust you have in your partner.

Once you attract fear you’ll attract more fear. As a result of this you will not take a practical approach towards the problem and feel awkward to hold a discussion on the issue with you partner. Your focus should be on empowering yourself and no get agitated if your partner checks out other women.

Get your partners’ attention: if you discuss it openly with your partner, he may feel uncomfortable sharing his intentions with you and if he says he feels attracted towards other women, you are the one who’ll face the difficulty accepting it. So, have a candid discussion with your partner and let him know it is totally fine with you whatever he imagines till the space for you in his life is secure and his sexual energy is focused towards you.

Always keep open communication with your partner instead of suppressing your need to know what he’s up to and one fine day the suppressed anger with burst out as fight between the two of you. Men should also understand their partners concern on the matter as an insignificant and harmless staring at other women could cause unnecessary rift in the relationship.

As women, we should always keep in mind that it is an over the years acquired habit and not some compulsive disorder. It is not the fault of an individual; it is how during growing up years men start observing the world around them. Most of the products in market namely advertisement for automobiles, shaving products, male fragrances etc. portray women of certain statistics getting attracted to men who own those cars or wear those fragrances; hence it leaves an impression on the minds of men. Hence it should be understood that men don’t intend to hurt you or aim at making you insecure by catching a glance of other women. It is an uncontrollable reflex to which they react at that particular time and it has no long-term implication on your relationship.

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