The 6 Reasons Even the Best Relationships End

The 6 Reasons Even the Best Relationships End

Your relationship was in full bloom? You were getting well with your partner? Suddenly, everything has been marred and you have been left gasping for some oxygen?

Not to worry, your condition is quite similar to a lot of such relationships. Many perfect relationships come to an end one day due to various reasons. Many of the well-proclaimed celebrities have also endured relationships that tore apart even after getting along well. You might have also faced a spoiled relationship because of the few factors which are accountable for such broken relationships. Have a look below and find out if you find the reasons to be familiar.

Extreme tensions crop up

A new strand of problem crops up between you two. How many times have you guys stayed beside each other at the oddest times? Well, the oddest times do not refer to failing in exams, hearing the strong words from boss, or falling sick. Yes, these are bad times and you need to stay beside your partner. However, a couple needs to go through several tests that are more challenging where they have to continue being beside each other. For instance, parents breathing their last, losing a job, becoming disabled in accident, going through trauma, etc. are the hardest times where you both need to stay intimate. However, it’s much easier being said than done. Standing shoulder to shoulder in these situations is not that easy and the communication slows down, leading to the couple parting ways.

Don’t allow him/her to disrespect

If truth to be told, it’s you who can make out the signals of disrespect. While you interact with your man or lady love, you can very well make out whether he/she is encroaching upon your private space that you wish to spend only with yourself. Boundaries do remain even in best of the relationships and that buffers you from those who do not have best interests for you. So be it your partner or his/her family or friends, disrespect ruins up the best rapport that you two share. Your private space nudges you towards walking away when you find someone being a spoilsport.  So once your personal worth is blemished, you move away from the relationship.

You realize the difference in values

You might have shared the best of the interests all these while, but suddenly realize that your values do not equate. Truly speaking, it does not relay matter how much a couple looks good together. Also, you might enjoy his/her company, but that has a small role to play in making your relationship a rocking hit. While you value work and career more, your partner might find more interest in family or may be leisure. These kinds of discrepancies in values lead you towards a road filled with thorns. It’s always best to discuss the values at the earliest, otherwise when you discover the variation at a later stage, it only results in messed up relationships.

You are not the perfect partner

Well, it’s the hardest truth that you have to face. You never know that one day you wake up to a new morning with a split in your relationship. Small ups and downs do exist in relationships, but the realization that he/she is not the right person or you are not the right person leaves your relationship soulless. You lovebirds might have been with each other for a long time, but that does not give you a warranty card for your relationship. It might happen on any day when you realize that he/she is not the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Finally, when you get that feeling, it really pains. Nevertheless, it’s always better to realise late than never. Wonder what would have been if you have realized after your marriage or after having kids? No worries, you can always start afresh. Though the memories suck and rocky road beckons you ahead, yet you can have a perfect partner for your life anytime.

Deceived by your best mate?

Trust me, being cheated upon is the nastiest reason why you can call your relationship a quit. The fine and unseen bond that had tied you two all the way collapse all of a sudden. How hard you try, it’s not easy to revisit from the blow you just got to your heart. Your heart and love might have crumbled. At times, you wish to follow an easier path to make ways apart. Repairing or revamping the trust factor is doable, but it’s a tough thing. It depends on the degree of willingness to be together, time, effort, and a lot other factors that you can devote to the almost broken relationship.

A disparity in lifestyle

How subtle it looks, difference in lifestyle do wrecks up your relationship. Divergence in lifestyles might urge you to walk on separate routes. While you are keen on spending leisure times by dancing to the discotheques, your partner might want to get hooked to the favorite novels. It’s the difference in how you guys wish to spend your money, energy, time, etc. The inevitable consequence of this variation is that you guys get less time to spend with each other. Acknowledge and discuss the differences openly before it leads the relationships to breaking into pieces.


No wonder, no relationship can be unblemished. A perfect relationship cannot be judged by its flawlessness. Instead, it’s the suppleness of your love that makes it rise above all odds. At times, it’s difficult to mend relationships and you decide to part ways. Always listen to the calling from your heart. Don’t exert yourself into any bonding as that comes to a standstill sooner or later. Even if you love him/her the most and find him/her to be the best person on earth, be careful if you find even the smallest of discrepancies. Try mending them at the earliest. You never know, these small differences in your bonding can open up to the worst situations.

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