Caring words can take you a long way

Caring words can take you a long way

It is love that brings a man and a woman close to each other. Relationships grow with time and age. When you are young, you are naturally attracted to your beloved, may be your girlfriend or your spouse, but after marriage when days pass by it is often found that women are weeping in their beds. But why should this happen when you love her so much?

What brings her closer to you?

Have you ever asked her why she is so sad and what is it that is bringing tears to her eyes? Just ask her and see her reactions. She will cry out louder because she is happy that you are concerned about her and that you wish to know why she is sad. Just a few words of love and concern will soothe her down and she will come out with her problems. It maybe you, who has been ignoring her or may be some family member has misbehaved with her or any other reason. But she will speak out her grief and that will pacify her a lot.

How to keep mental contact

After a certain age, it does not matter to a woman how many times her husband is saying “I love you” or bringing expensive gifts for her or eating out. Rather if a man returns home on time and asks her “how was your day?” it will make her even happier than a gift. She immediately feels that her husband really loves her and though he has been out all day and may be had not called home even once, she explains to herself, “he must have been very busy. It doesn’t matter now he is here for me only.”

There are times when the man has to stay away from home for months for business purposes. It is natural that his wife will feel lonely and miss him especially if she is not a working lady.  In such cases, it is very important for the man to call her up at least thrice a day. Once early morning to wish her, in the afternoon to enquire if all is fine and of course at the end of the day to talk to her about the entire day’s events and finally kiss her good night.

How you can change yourself to see her smiles forever

It is such a small thing to speak nicely and lovingly, but most men forget to do so. They are busy with themselves and their work and feel that it is not necessary to communicate with his better half. And such mentality creates the gravest of problems. You tend to go apart from each other and even after returning home with a bundle of gifts and huge hugs and kisses, it seems a kind of outward show for the woman. So, if you wish to maintain your married life, you must be more sensitive to the needs of your wife. If you love her, your concern should naturally show in your words and actions. You will not have to practice it.

Expressions: How important they are?

However, there are some men, who are a bit of introvert and are unable to express their feelings. If your wife understands that then she might consider sometimes but not always. If she behaves in the same way as you do, how will you feel? There are times especially crucial moments like losing a dear one, or suffering from serious illness when a man has to be expressive and assert his love and care for her. Visiting the hospital and bringing medicines is not enough to get her well. Your soothing words will make her happier and give her strength to get well soon.

If you have not been gentle and cared for your wife so long, practice it within yourself. Be your true self. If you are sincerely concerned about her and love her from the depth of your heart and is sincere about your relationship and above all wish to live happily together the entire life, often use the simple words of love and care. It will not be very difficult if your feelings are true. And within no time you will notice a great change in your better half, she will be more caring and will blush whenever you hug her. Her skin with glow with your love and she will look younger and more beautiful in your eyes too.

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  1. men are mostly blown by sweet words. Especially caring words. Just a little words which are rare or unsual words can make them happy. When my wife is angry or sad. I will just say , honey you are prettier when you keep that angry face. Buh she will.jst turn and smile. So little caring words are really important in a realtionship.

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