Why don’t men ever understand hints?

Why don’t men ever understand hints?

People in relationships always complain how they have difficulties in communicating. Women usually admit that their boyfriends or husbands cannot understand the simplest hints or expressions. While you may be saying ‘I can’t believe you did such a thing!’ and what he might interpret is ‘Let’s go have pizza for dinner’. But that’s not because men don’t understand women or don’t get their hints.

Men are wired such that they don’t usually read emotions, whether it is from a male or a female. An experiment was conducted in which men were supposed to identify the type of emotions the photographs are showing. There were 20 photographs shown to them, which displayed only faces of people and men had difficulty understanding the emotions.

Some guys suffer from a mania called “friends syndrome”. They are, the unlucky guys have many girl friends; however, that’s all they are to them. It is actually not that bad; however, this syndrome is contagious, with the other women following the suit. These guys are so indulge with the syndrome that they overlook the hint of the lady of their dreams.

So don’t feel bad because your man doesn’t get you. The reason is he doesn’t get anyone else either. That’s how men are. You need to hold up signs or shout out to them, but they will never understand the simplest of hints.

What can be done?

For starters, you can talk about things rather than leaving it on your man to understand everything. If you’re upset about the fact that he comes home late every night, make sure you express that in a gentle way and not bombard him with arguments right when he steps into the house. In this way, you will be able to express your emotions in a healthy manner plus your man is likely to respond to you better.

Women often talk about their likes and dislikes in the beginning of a relationship just so that their man knows about their habits. But men might make the same mistakes again. This is not because men don’t care or forget about what you said. Adapting to your choices is like learning a new behavior and every change takes time to adjust itself. So you may have to repeat yourself more than once so that your man gets used to your problems and starts to respond in a way that favors you.

Why misunderstandings do take place?

Men and women interpret things in a different manner. It maybe your emotions that he didn’t quite understand or the tone in your voice which he didn’t catch, but that doesn’t mean he won’t care about you. Sometimes you just need to set things straight so that there isn’t any question of a misunderstanding arising. It’s going to be awkward talking about every small misunderstanding in the beginning and you won’t even feel the need to discuss everything but it is essential to clear out everything. Even if he misread your emotions or didn’t catch the sarcasm in your voice when you made a comment, it is important that you clear this out. Sit together and discuss what went wrong and what do you expect out of your man in further situations like this. He can do the same as well if he had any issues regarding the problem and that’s how you begin sharing with your partner.

Clear out the confusion

If you’re not sure about a certain action or comment that your man just made, the simple thing to do is ask. If you have just asked him a personal question and he randomly just zones out, you don’t know whether he is embarrassed or just ignoring your question. Instead of making up stories in your mind, you could directly ask him to make the communication better between both of you’ll. You will come to know what he is thinking and you would be able to respond better. Sometimes leaving things to little hints isn’t always good. You should come out and express yourself and that’s how you and your partner will learn to deal with each other in difficult situations.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. This isn’t only a saying. When two people actually get together and fall in love, the communication problem may arise. But there’s no need to worry because simply talking about your feelings instead of giving out subtle hints to your man will get you a long way. You just need to calm yourself first so that you don’t blurt out things you must regret later and take the discussion as it comes.

So girls and women, if you are going to try to attract some man who just is not getting it, consider it as obvious and keep trying until you make him understand for the sake of your love. Have a good luck!!!

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